Our client ‘Neil’ had just treated himself to a new electric car but had a problem, he lived far out in the sticks and the closest EV charging station was over 10 miles away.

So after calling us to get some advice, he decided on a 7Kw EV charger which has the potential to work with solar-powered energy as this was something he was looking to get installed in the future. 

After carrying out our EV site survey we decided that the best option for him was the ‘Myenergi Zappi’. The Myenergi charger is not only is it a sleek charger with brilliant solar features but its ease of use was one of the top selling points for Neil. It’s a simple plug-in-and-go charger.

The quotation was sent and the job was booked within 5 days of Neil calling us.

In total, the installation took 1 day which included a new fuse board with all the relevant safety features needed, the charger install, and a wireless CT monitoring device.

This allows the house and the charger to communicate making sure that the charger doesn’t pull over the main fuse limit. Another intelligent feature of the Zappi is that Neil can see exactly how much power his house is using at any one time.

Once the charger was installed we tested and certified the installation, we also raised a notification on behalf of Neil to the DNO (Distribution Network Operator) letting them know that a charger had been installed at the property.

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