EV charger installation in chelmsford, essex

installing MyEnergi, ICS, Easee, Andersen, Tesla, Ohme, Simpson & Partner and Hypervolt eV Chargers across essex

With the car market moving into the electric era and oil prices increasing many people are moving towards the electric/hybrid vehicle and of course they will need somewhere to charge it.

The UK government have decided to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030.

What charger should I have installed?

OJF will only install quality chargers that we trust, all chargers that we install are ‘smart’ chargers meaning that the unit has features such as current load management, energy monitoring and much more, all usually from an app on your phone.

What are the different EV chargers on the domestic market?

Fast chargers are the usual unit to be installed into domestic and work place property. These chargers will usually be a 7 Kw charger (single phase). These will typically take between 6-12 hours to charge the car.

If your property has a three-phase incoming supply you can take full advantage of this by installing a three-phase car charger. These chargers will usually be 22 Kw (three phase) and will typically charge your car between 1-3 hours depending on the car’s internal battery.

Trickle chargers are plugged into a 13-amp socket and can take between 12-24 hours or even more to charge your car to 100%. These are not recommended to be used day in day out as there is a potential that it will over load your socket circuit.

EV Chargepoint grants

You may be able to qualify for a grant towards your installation.

Single Phase & Three Phrase Chargers:

We cover all installations of single-phase and three-phase chargers. We specialise in installing the following brands including MyEnergi Zappi, ICS, Easee, Andersen, Tesla, OhmeSimpson & Partner and Hypervolt

What happens on a EV charger site survey:

EV Charger FAQ

How long does an EV install take?

A standard Electric Vehicle Charger install should take between 3 and 5 hours from installation to commissioning.

What EV charger should I have installed?

There are hundreds of EV chargers on the market these days, so to make life easier for our clients we have compiled an 'OJF recommended' list using our client's feedback on looks and ease of use, but of course, we can fit any charger you want in your property.

I have bad wifi on my property, is that a problem?

Yes, but there are ways around it. All EV chargers are now 'smart' meaning they will give you information on an app about charging time, Kw used, and, cost. To get around this issue you can install either a hard-wired ethernet cable or wifi boosters throughout the property. If your EV loses connection to the Wi-Fi at any point, you’ll still be able to charge, but you may lose access to the charger’s smart features until Wifi reconnects.

How much will a charger cost me to install?

Charger installation costs vary due to cable length, what charger you have, where it is located, and whether your fuse board has the correct safety features. A ballpark figure of an installation cost is around £1000 (which includes the charger and installation)

Are they messy to install?

We will make as little mess as possible, in most cases, this will only include drilling a hole so the ultra EV cable can go from inside to out. All holes will be made good leaving your property as we found it.

Should I have a night-time tariff?

Yes! Night-time tariffs are always recommended to our clients allowing you to schedule your car to charge when your electricity usage is at its cheapest, thus saving you money! Get in touch with your energy provider for more information.

Are we qualified to install these?

Yes all the OJF team are qualified electricians and have undertaken in-house EV installation training so you can rest assured you are in good hands!

How do I Pay for my installation?

Once an EV quote has been accepted we ask for a 40% deposit before an engineer arrives on site, with the final 60% paid upon completion. All engineers will have card readers on the van which takes all major credit and debit cards.

Why do I need an EV site survey?

A lot of companies price your charger installation from a form but, we prefer to give you a solid quotation which gives us a chance to answer any question you may have on the charger or installation. A short video will be sent to you to give you an understanding of what we will be looking at and why.


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EV charger installation in essex

OJF Electrical is based in Chelmsford, Essex and provides EV charger installation covering the majority of Essex including Colchester, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Basildon, Billericay,  Loughton, Ongar, Chigwell, Witham, Braintree & More

Thanks to OJF Electrical for a great service on the installation of MyEnergy eddi device to divert excess solar energy to hot water tank. Would recommend and will be using again for any future electrical work.

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